3 December 2015

The Renegade Master (Back Once Again)

A lot can happen in two and a half years, let me tell you.

I can't believe it's been so long since the last post, but time does fly when you are having fun. And also, as it turns out, when you are engaged in a professional shitstorm. If a week is a long time in politics, then 30 months is a life sentence.

I can't really write about the stuff that's been happening, suffice to say that finding out someone you are working alongside, in a relatively important job, is a multiple identity housing benefit fraudster who made up their CV doesn't really do much good for your general peace of mind. Particularly when you are working away from home and living in a hotel room from Monday to Friday.

Being embroiled in a nasty battle involving, variously, police, solicitors, a plethora of false and vexatious allegations, internal and external investigations and a multitude of hearings takes its toll, even on the supporting cast players like me. I deleted my Twitter, losing around 1,500 followers and have kept complete radio silence other than my personal Facebook, following my own sage advice of course. And of course, neglected my already badly neglected blog.

I realise I have missed writing and have found myself writing longer and longer missives on Facebook, presumably being quietly and politely unfollowed by bemused drinking acquaintances from the pub who are wondering why I am ranting on at length about topics of not much interest to anyone at all, except perhaps other vaguely political trade union anoraks.

Given I write primary for pleasure and for steamletting purposes, I realise I missed this outlet. Particularly in light of recent political events which have really raised my ire.

However, when a good pal decided to tip me the wink that my humble blog has had a small resurgence in readership from a certain trade union since the take over of Unity (formerly CATU where I used to work), I felt all the stars were aligned for a comeback.

Now that Unity has been voluntarily shuffled off to Dignitas and buried in the GMB, with most combatants floating off happily with their golden parachutes to create an actuarial nightmare for the pension trustees, I feel a little safer (and less disloyal) in recounting some of the more bizarre tales from my time there more than a decade ago. I will blog again on Unity/CATU soon.

I also hope to turn my hand to less salacious and more strategic issues around trade unions today, in particular such issues as the checkoff, facility time, employment law and the ever present organising versus servicing conundrum.

However, the first target of my reinvigorated ire will be the nefarious assortment of charlatans, villains and bad character actors who now make up the Palace of Westminster.

I'm writing for fun, so don't shoot me down. Anyway, blogging isn't fashionable any more...

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